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Dumpers Beware (21/11/2013)


Southern Councils Group releases second television advertisement campaign.  In this campaign SCG has included a new green waste advertisement to run with its existing bush dumping advertisement. The green waste advertisement is aimed at the seasonal increase of green waste that is dumped this time of the year and will run for four months over summer. This campaign will run in conjunction with the EPA's "Waste Less, Recycle More" initiative.

Southern Councils Group Chairperson and Wollongong’s Lord Mayor, Gordon Bradbery, said illegal dumping across the region was a major concern particularly with the rising costs of clean up and the environmental impacts of dumped waste in bushland.”

“Dumping rubbish shows no care or respect for our community or the environment,” he said.

“The cost of cleaning the mess left by irresponsible members of the community is impacting on the rest of us, with more ratepayer money being used to foot the clean-up bill right across the southern region.”

Illegal dumping is not only a financial burden to the community but a public health risk.  Of particular concern is illegally dumped asbestos which poses a health risk to both the person who dumps it as well as the broader community.  Dumping creates an eyesore and ruins the beauty of natural areas, parks and neighbourhoods.  Dumped materials often attract further illegal dumping, leading to a serious state of degradation.  This can reduce community pride, lower property values and contribute to an increase in crime.

The Southern Councils Group  encourages residents to make use of the many services and facilities councils offer to manage waste including kerbside collections, e-waste and chemical collections, as well Councils’ Waste Management Facilities.

T.V. Advertisement - Bush Dumping

T.V. Advertisement - Green Waste