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Southern Councils Group Committees

The SCG Strategic Plan recognises the need for Committees and Working Groups of member Council staff to inform and guide the SCG Board.  In this respect SCG has agreed to establish a number of Committees with the following general objectives.


  • Identify emerging issues of regional significance and provide advice to SCG on how these may be addressed or respond to SCG requests.
  • Act as a forum for exchange and recognition of information and ideas amongst member Councils'¬† staff.
  • Provide a focal point for interaction with other spheres of government and other regional groupings e.g.
  • Identify and develop appropriate policies, programs and projects to meet regional¬† needs.
  • Identify and facilitate sharing of resources in government in the Illawarra and South East.

Outcomes Sought

  • All member Councils better informed on issues.
  • Workloads minimised.
  • Knowledge and skills increased.
  • Successful regional approaches or programs delivered.


The General Managers have agreed that individual Councils will act as "Champions" or leaders in each new area of activity identified, and in this respect most Committees are assigned to a Champion Council to Chair.