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Current Programs and Projects

The Illawarra Pilot Joint Organisation

is a 12 month pilot process funded by the Office of Local Government, click here for more information.


SCG manages 6 major longterm  programs.

  • The Illawarra Carer Programs
  • The SCG Land Management Program and its Small Farms Network
  • The Illawarra District Noxious Weeds Authority
  • The Regional Weeds Management Program - Invasive Species - and its current Boneseed and recently completed Seaspurge projects.
  • The Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) prevention program
  • The Regional Waste Strategy

Each of these Programs may also have special shorterm projects being undertaken.


In addition, a number of SCG projects are in operation at any time,  many of which employ specialist staff, or are being undertaken by consultants. Both the programs and projects can  involve resource sharing or joint venture operations, funded programs we host for other spheres of government or one-off joint initiatives identified by the member Councils.

SCG also maintains a number of Committees which meet regularly to exchange information and best practice advice, identify new joint initiatives, assist management of existing initiatives and provide support to the Board.

For further information about how projects or programs can be undertaken in the region please contact SCG.


SCG maintains a number of committees of member Council staff which meet regularly to exchange information, inform the Board, and identify joint opportunities.