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Hot Issues

SCG works with member councils to develop the evidence to present to  Federal and State Government when significant issues affect our communities or the operations of local government in the region.

Current issues for the community that SCG is working with State and Federal Members of Parliament to see addressed include:

  • The need for an overall Plan and bipartisan Federal and State support for the Princes Highway.........SCG has run a number of  targeted  advocacy campaigns.
  • Better  Integrated Transport Planning, and freight issues...................SCG will continue to work with member Councils to see  implementation  of the NSW Transport Masterplan and regional transport Stratgies.
  • Potential impacts of coal seam gas mining in water catchments..........SCG  have forwarded a Joint Statement of support  of  Wollongong Council's position to the Legislative Council's Standing Committee No 5.
  • Climate Change, its impacts on the region, and adaptation that may be required...SCG has worked with 3 Councils on Risk Assessment and Adaptation Plans, has a Statement of Intent on Climate Change and is working with the Renewable Energy Precinct and Green Jobs Illawarra.
  • The impacts of the Waste Levy and the escalation of illegal dumping.
  • Land Use Planning (including the NSW Planning Review and Calderwood Valley Proposal).
  • Coastal Development and hazard reduction.........SCG is working with the university of Wollongong and other stakeholder regional agencies for a consolidated response.

Operational issues for local government in the region that SCG is working with Councils on include:

  • Sustainable asset and infrastructure development and management - see the Ernst & Young report "Strong Foundations for Sustainable Local Infrastructure - Connecting communities, projects, finance and funds" - prepared for the Department of Regional Australia
  • Cost shifting to local government from other spheres of government including support to emergency services, such as Rural Fires services, State Emergency Services, and surflifesaving. 
  • Better compliance management, procurement policy, and contract management

SCG Federal Election Priorities

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